Digital Revolution are your partners in applying digital marketing to your business. Everything from SEO to social media marketing, content creation and websites. We can drive more traffic to you.


Build your digital presence to make you stand out

Everywhere you look, you are being pressed with information about why somebody is better or more capable to do what you need, be it building an APP, creating a website or building an ecommerce platform. We use cutting-edge techonologies from WordPress ecosystem to develop digital products. Our belief is that we should be partners, you are best at what you do, we are best at providing the technical and online support.

Rely on us.

Technical Expertise

Front-end Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, jQuery, BootStrap, Webpack, GulpJS, TypeScript, VueJS, NuxtJS.

Back-end Technologies

PHP7+, Apache, Nginx, Laravel, Docker, C#.NET (Core), ASP.NET MVP, WEB APIs, RESTful APIs, LINQ, EF Core.

Database Servers & Tools

MySQL, Postgresql, MS SQL Server, AWS cloud, Visual Studio, VS Code, Git, Github, Bitbucket.


We are creators and curators.


Delivery and connectivity.


We speak, hear and do.


Identify the target market 

A bit about us.

Digital Revolution announces expansion into Northland with the opening of a second office near to Whangarei. Clearly the Northland business community needs options for digital transformation. Guidance in SEO and inbound marketing solutions with website functionality upgrades to improve your client experiences. Remote working has changed the way we interact, for now. It won’t be forever and the personal approach is worth more face to face than on the other side of a Zoom call. But here we are and we can help. Digital Revolution is the production side of a partnership with BDMA Revolution which is the design side. We have the talent to effect all your business requirements

Phil - CEO

Stan - Lead Designer

Vincent - Production Manager

Manpreet - Web Developer

Some of our work.

Although not everything, here is a brief snapshot of some of our work,  small budgets  or larger campaigns.We can integrate branding with full digital and print campaigns. Client satisfaction is paramount. Our job is to illustrate what is possible.

There’s a coffee with your name on it.

We love to hear from you

Post Office Box
PO Box 133075
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8 Aspden place, Matapouri
Whangarei, New Zealand.


79 Verbena Road

Auckland, New Zealand
+64 21 783 453
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+64 21 637 953